Nvision engages with every manner of project. From entertainment to product design, animation to film production. We are story tellers and experience makers. We have experience in every facet of the entertainment and design industry. This is our strength. It allows us to see the big picture, and guide a project start to finish, growing the concept in quality and keeping the vision on track.


From Casinos in Las Vegas and Macau to Resorts worldwide. Nvision creates destinations and urban resort concepts that attract all audiences. From concept through program, business strategies, investment packages, masterplanning and entitlement, to team building the right assets to implement your project. Nvision will create a destination resort concept, with innovative offerings in entertainment, dining, and accommodations that excite and attract investment, leading hotel operators, entertainment partners, retail brands, strategic partnerships, strategic brand opportunities, and of course guests.

Every project is different. Whether leading the charge or as part of your development team, we can customize our services to meet your needs and those of your project and investors.


Product branding, interpretation, implementation and growth is at the core of every project. How your brand is interpreted through products, experiences, and environments is critical to engage and bond with your market and audience. Nvision understands that every detail is a reflection of a clients core values, present values, future goals and representative of the lifestyle choices made by their consumer partners. We have extensive experience managing creating, and implementing the brands of our clients. From Banks, Themed Attractions, and Products to Retail, Restaurants and Resorts.


Theme parks are about stories, adventure and escape. They are also about innovation, quality, service, and evolution. They allow their visitors a moment to step into another world and leave the day to day behind. Nvision creates destination theme parks from the ground up. We combine proven park design methods with operational innovation and inspiration, thinking outside the box. We create stories and environments that set the bar for content, flexibility, circulation, operational flexibility and excitement. Nvision and its partner companies can create a project team to create, build and establish operations for your park from the first sketch of an idea to opening day.

We design some of the most innovative and engaging theme park concepts in the industry today.


Experience, Experience, Experience! From a simple momentary experience to extended engaging story-driven thrill ride, the adventure begins when we leave the world we know and are transported somewhere new. How we get there is as important as where we go. The suspension of disbelief that allows guests to be transported seamlessly and expertly is the first step. The Nvision team understands this. We create attractions that allow guest to explore, dream, fear, laugh, wonder, and engage in real and meaningful ways. From undersea exploration, to a starship trek into the unknown. We will innovate and raise the bar to create experiences that excite us and your audience! Adventure awaits!


Nvision's team has been designing and implementing retail, dining, and entertainment venues for more than 20 years. From Airport retail to Theme Park gift shops, Casino Restaurants to Nightclubs and Music Venues. We understand how to attract customers, create environments and merchandise your product in ways that guarantee their return. We can implement the roll out an existing franchise or help you create a new brand. Our team has experience in specialty and club markets, luxury retail, and entertainment based shopping destinations. As part of your team, Nvision can take you from concept though build out.


Traveling exhibit design, specialty museum exhibits, observations decks, brand kiosks, or product launches, its all about bringing your audience closer to the story. We create engaging environments, innovative structures, and immersive, on brand exhibits. From Marvel to Star Wars, Nokia to Historical Interpretation, Nvision will generate designs that not only tell your story, but allow guests to engage with and experience all the critical elements, allowing them to get their arms completely around your message and Ideas.

Creative Services

The NVISION team can provide complete creative services. From conceptualization though creative development, planning and installation. Our services and scope can be customized to meet the needs of each client. Services include:

Blue Sky Creative & Design Development, Design Consultation, Project Programming, Presentation Packaging, Charrette Implementation, Masterplanning & Development, Location Based Entertainment, Licensing & Brand Development, Budget Analysis, Client Representation & Third Party Review, Team Building, Project Management, Project Implementation & Installation. 


Concept Design & Presentation

All projects begin with an idea, a piece of land, or a problem to solve. Nvision specializes in giving shape and content to each project and idea. We create the forms, envision the environments, help generate and evolve the story, and design innovative transitions that convey guests from the real world into a new experience and back again... It all begins with the first sketch, the words that describe it, and the vision to take the spark of an idea and build an entire world. This is where Nvision excels! Nvision will generate the plans, drawings, brands, products, costumes, vehicles, dining experiences, shows, attractions etc., that create a path to concensus in vision and realization.

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design Development, PROGRAMMING & PLANNING

Nvision's multidisciplinary team has the expertise and experience to provide the creative, technical and feasible planning that meet the needs of each project and advance it to the next level.  From dialing in the details, flushing out the concepts, refining the plans, refining the program, and establishing project budgets to operational business models, costing, integration, team building, scheduling, brand development, creative editing, presentations etc. 




Every project has its own unique requirements and set of critical challenges. From project management, and creative direction, to contracting, permitting, construction and installation, Nvision's build management team will assemble the strategic partners and talent best suited to each project. We will engage and manage the best International and site-local resources from technical and performance specialists to manufacturing and construction experts. We will also assist in brand and IP sourcing and integration, introductions to well respected hospitality, retail, and entertainment destination operators, and in creating the relationships required to realize success at every level.