Creative Services

The NVISION team can provide complete creative services. From conceptualization though creative development, planning and installation. Our services and scope can be customized to meet the needs of each client. Services include:

Blue Sky Creative & Design Development, Design Consultation, Project Programming, Presentation Packaging, Charrette Implementation, Masterplanning & Development, Location Based Entertainment, Licensing & Brand Development, Budget Analysis, Client Representation & Third Party Review, Team Building, Project Management, Project Implementation & Installation. 


Concept Design & Presentation

All projects begin with an idea, a piece of land, or a problem to solve. Nvision specializes in giving shape and content to each project and idea. We create the forms, envision the environments, help generate and evolve the story, and design innovative transitions that convey guests from the real world into a new experience and back again... It all begins with the first sketch, the words that describe it, and the vision to take the spark of an idea and build an entire world. This is where Nvision excels! Nvision will generate the plans, drawings, brands, products, costumes, vehicles, dining experiences, shows, attractions etc., that create a path to concensus in vision and realization.

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design Development, PROGRAMMING & PLANNING

Nvision's multidisciplinary team has the expertise and experience to provide the creative, technical and feasible planning that meet the needs of each project and advance it to the next level.  From dialing in the details, flushing out the concepts, refining the plans, refining the program, and establishing project budgets to operational business models, costing, integration, team building, scheduling, brand development, creative editing, presentations etc. 




Every project has its own unique requirements and set of critical challenges. From project management, and creative direction, to contracting, permitting, construction and installation, Nvision's build management team will assemble the strategic partners and talent best suited to each project. We will engage and manage the best International and site-local resources from technical and performance specialists to manufacturing and construction experts. We will also assist in brand and IP sourcing and integration, introductions to well respected hospitality, retail, and entertainment destination operators, and in creating the relationships required to realize success at every level.